WhatsApp virus: Hackers can steal your personal data

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Written by Sethuraman Mohan

WhatsApp is a free messaging app used by billions of users all over the world. When it comes to security WhatsApp provides a unique end-to-end encryption for encrypting all data, only you and the receiver can view the data, not even WhatsApp.

In recent days after WhatsApp introduced the document attachment features malware and spam documents are getting into user data. Like this, a pair of virus loaded documents are getting circulated in the WhatsApp community.

Two files are ‘NDA-ranked-8th-toughest-College-in-the-world-to-get-into.xls’ and ‘NIA-selection-order-.xls’. These excel based files are designed to look the user data, login credentials, PIN and even steal their bank information.

This virus will be activated once the user clicks on these files. NDA – National Defence Academy and NIA – National Investigation Agency are very popular in India region and in abroad also, so it creates curiosity among the users.

Officials said the advisory has now been shared with the field formations of these security forces so that the troops and officers on the ground are made aware and alerted against this virus which has been seen prowling in the instant messaging cyber space recently. The personnel have also been asked to report these incidents to their Information technology cells, they said — The Economic Times

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