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How to Earn money through AdMob?


AdMob is the mobile advertising platform which helps developer to earn money from their apps/websites. Using this account you can analysis your revenue and other details.

Admob – Create Account

  • Sign up your account using your email id in Google Admob.
  • Home page is for analyze to create new campaigns and monitor earnings.
  • In Monetize tab you need to link your app.
  • Select Monetize new app and choose your app.


 Two Options to create Monetize new App

Option 1:

  • Search your app from Play store or iTunes App Store and add your app.
  • Choose your package name and platform



  • Select your Advertisement formats. Four formats are avaliable
    • Banner
    • Interstitial
    • Rewarded Interstitial
    • Native
  • In this Demo project I’m selecting Interstitial. That’s looks like overlay.
  • Here we can set Impressions per minute. But for tutorial here i am going to set Add advertisement unit name.


  • Skip the Fire base analytics for campaigns.
  • View implementation instructions and click done.
  • Here you can find the Ad unit id and app id. This will help you for mobile integration.




  • Now in Monetize page you can see you App and Unit id, Mediation ad sources.
  • Default mediation ad source is google default Advertisements.
  • Here you can ad your private advertisements (eg: Inhouse ads).
  • Select mediation ad source which will redirect to next page.













Option 2

  • We can create our optimized campaign id.(own Ads)




  • Select ad unit(s) and set user targeting and run goal forecast (optional)
  • Choose design ad. Four types of ads. are avaliable
    • Image
    • Text
    • HTML5
    • Video



This is the simple demo for Techie Hubs page.




In Campaigns you can analyze your money earning.




You can use this AdMob in your Apps and websites. I hope this tutorial helps to earn money through AdMob. If you have any questions please let us know in the comment box.

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Saigowtham is an Android software engineer in KL, Malaysia. Saigowtham is well known for his vast experience in hybrid mobile development and industry exposure to manufacturing, advertisements and mobile gaming. Saigowtham possesses good knowledge in SDLC, Analytics, and Agile methodologies. Saigowtham interest to learn all new technologies and to review gadgets.

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