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Samsung Pay

What is this Samsung pay?

Samsung introduced new features app that is called as Samsung pay.  This is next level of shopping. A secure and easy-to-use mobile payment services which can be used to make purchase nearly everywhere.

It enables the use of debit card, credit card, and prepaid cards, including private label credit cards by leveraging a new proprietary technology called magnetic secure transmission and Near Field Communication to make mobile payments more accessible to both merchants and consumers.

This app helps you to add existing gift cards, plus you can purchase, send or receive gift cards directly from the app. The app supports almost every card and stores them with a unique bar code.

Card & transaction protection

Pay confidently from your phone knowing that the same fraud protection your bank gives your credit and debit card carries over to Samsung Pay. And since Samsung Pay doesn’t store or share your payment information, every purchase is yours alone.

Device Supports 

Samsung Pay initially launch on the Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Note 5, A7(2016) and Galaxy A5(2016).

Available Countries

Samsung pay has launched in south Korea, USA, China, Spain, Australia, Puerto Rico, Singapore and Brazil.

Simple to use

It takes just 3 simple steps to use Samsung pay

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Source Credit: Samsung

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