Pokémon Go is available in India!

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Pokémon Go location-based augmented reality game is finally available in India after a long time. The app belongs to Niantic labs is officially available for download from Apple App store and Google Play store.

“Step outside and explore to catch many Pokémon today!”

Reliance Jio Infocomm is an official partner to Niantics in India. So Reliance digital and trends stores and other partners premises will be shown as ‘Gyms’ and ‘Pokéstops’ from 14th Dec 2016.

As a special offer, Jio customers can download and play the Pokémon Go game without incurring any mobile data, also they have access to Pokémon Go channel for tips, forums, contests through the Jio social app.

Pokemon Go TechieHubs                  Pokemon Go TechieHubs

Niantics labs recently updated the app with lot of features like Buddy Pokemon, Near by pokemon and enhanced the safety features.

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