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How to create Sweepstakes Promotions or Giveaway

Written by Sethuraman Mohan

Running a Website/Facebook giveaway or sweepstakes promotions is a great way to promote your blogging site or the product, also it helps to increase your social media followers like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Creating your own giveaways is a great pleasure “The Joy of Giving”, there are many plugins available online to run a contest or a giveaway. You can choose your Prizes, Entry options, Date range and you can host it on any website or on your Facebook page.

Rafflecopter a popular tool for creating giveaway. It’s known for it’s easy to use design and free hosting. Gleam and PromoSimple are other popular promotions/giveaway tools.

Rafflecopter Techiehubs

Features of Rafflecopter

  • Customize your giveaway title and the Terms & conditions.
  • Create your prize – Ex. 2 movie tickets 🙂 you can create N number of prizes for a giveaway
  • People can nominate them by using the simple task given to them like visiting a website, following them on Facebook/Twitter or by answering a pool.
  • You can choose the date range for your giveaway.
  • In Installation tab you can copy the scripts for the giveaway widget or you can host it on your Facebook page. Rafflecopter made it very simple to host in any site with few clicks, No coding required.
  • Also, admin can view the entries for the giveaway and you choose the winner randomly or by some criteria.

Techie Hubs Giveaway Demo – Happy Christmas and Wonderful New year 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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