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How to Enable Android Developer options and it’s tips and tricks

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In Android device running on Android OS 4.2 (Jelly Bean – API Level 17) developer options are disabled. Google thinks that these options are for developers and not for general users because changing these settings may cause abnormal phone behaviors like flickering or animation scale changes.

Enabling Developer Options

Developer options can be easily enabled from your Settings app in android.

  1. Go to Settings and locate About Phone option
  2. In about phone go to Build number (in HTC and LG series you can locate it under Software information)
  3. Now tap on build number option 7 times and you will be notified as Developer options are enabled

Hiding/Disabling Developer Options

To disable the developer options you can just go to Settings then search for Apps / Application manager. In apps choose All tab and locate Settings app, then click on Clear Data in the Settings app.

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Tips and Tricks

  1. Stay awake – while charging your screen never goes to sleep
  2. Demo mode – for taking good screenshots without any notifications and other disturbance in the top header
  3. USB debugging – for mounting your internal/external storage in your laptop or PC. Very helpful for developers for debugging their apps.
  4. Background process limit – Apps running in the background will be freezes for fast performance
  5. Force 4x MSAA – for better gaming graphics performance

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