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Nexus 5 keeps Restarting or Shutting off ?

Nexus 5 restart issue fix it easily
Written by Sethuraman Mohan

One of the common problems with Nexus 5 users is their phone keeps rebooting or shutting down continuously. Many users felt that it’s a defect with the power button, but you can crack this problem if you follow these steps

  1. If you are able to access your phone settings then quickly take a backup of your data. Most of the data like App data, Contacts, Calendar, Chrome, Gmail, etc will be synced with Google, for rest you can use any third party applications.
  2. If your not able to take a backup don’t worry, the steps I’m explaining will wipe the device cache and not your personal data.
  3. Press and hold the Volume Down button and Power button for few seconds, now your device will reboot with the screen with the Start word inside the arrow shape
  4. Press the Volume Up/Down button until you reach Recovery Mode appears on the screen
  5. Press the Power button to select the Recovery Mode
  6. Now you will see an Android image with the Red exclamation mark or no command will be displayed, don’t get panic hold the Power button and press the Volume key Up.
  7. Use the Volume keys to scroll to wipe cache partition and press the Power button to select it. Please be careful while choosing the options because wipe data/factory reset will clear all your data and you will not have any option to restore it.
  8. Wait for few minutes, once wiping cache is complete, you can reboot your device.

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Wiping cache on regular basis or after an update is a best practice. If you have any questions or facing any difficulties in doing these steps, Leave a comment we will help you.

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