Cyanogen OS Shutting Down

Cyanogen OS Shutting Down Techiehubs
Written by Sethuraman Mohan

Cyanogen OS is no more, Yes for putting a “bullet through a Google’s head“. The company is shutting down all it’s services from 31 Dec 2016. Cyanogen was in trouble for quit sometime, in the month of July they layoffs about 20 percent of the employees. Cyanogen Inc’s announcement was misunderstood by most of the medias and started spreading rumors around it.

No new updates / versions

User’s running Cyanogen OS no longer will get updates. No nightlies and no more regular OTA updates. Customers having OnePlus One, Yu older models and Lenovo ZUK Z1 better to move to different OS. One plus has it’s own Oxgen OS.

Re branding  Cyanogen to Lineage OS

Cyanogen team is planning to launch a new OS called Lineage OS (Lineage Android Distribution). Lineage will looks like Cyanogen Mod. We need to wait and see how this Lineage OS look’s like. After Dec 31 2016 your phone’s critical services will be withdrawn and will create random problems.

Image credit: Cyanogen OS

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