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Digital Diet (Phone Addiction) – New year resolution


Are you a Nomophobic? Nomophobia(Phone Addiction) is a proposed name for the phobia (fear of something) of being out of smartphones (gadgets). So if you’re nervous, feeling worried, or unease about your smartphones then you know why! CNN poll says more than 50% of teens and 27% of parents are addicted to their smartphones.

So your best new year resolution is to reduce your phone addition. We will give few suggestions and there are apps available in the market to provide your phone usage (auto-analytics), also you can set your own goals, alerts, warning notifications and compare your daily usage.

Top 5 Tips to reduce your phone addition

  • Disable/Remove the apps which are irrelevant
  • Set Priority for all your notifications and hide the rest
  • Gradually reduce the usage of apps
  • Sometimes leave your phone at home
  • If you can’t help it, buy a basic phone

Phone/App Usage Analytics

Listed few apps with features like tracking your phone/app usage with the count, screen unlocks, alerts and notifications.


UBhind app is easy to use and enabled with Statistics and Comprehensive analyses. It comes with unique features like monthly comparison for phone unlock count, app launched duration, usage breakdown, creates your reminders (Good cop), Locks your phone automatically(Bad cop).

Download the UBhind app.

ubhind-usage-techiehubs      ubhind-goodcop-techiehubs      ubhind-badcop-techiehubs

Quality Time

Quality Time is an easy to use and visually engaging app. It comes with unique features like scheduled break, screen locks, app wise usage and 6 months usage history will be stored in the secured cloud server for usage comparison. In this app, you can define profiles and customize the profile settings by Blocking Notifications, calls and much more.

Download the Quality Time app

qualitytime-techiehubs     qualitytime-settings-techiehubs     qualitytime-takeabreak-techiehubs


Forest app provides a uniquely interesting solution to get rid of phone addition. It’s kind of strategy game, whenever you want to concentrate on something or spend time with your family and friends you need to plant a seed in the forest, it will grow in the given time range. If you disturb the phone/desktop by opening some other app then the tree will be killed. You can share your forest with friends, earn rewards, unlock more items like birds, nests, and trees. This app helps in any scenarios like Workplace, Outing, Library, get together with friends and family.

The app is designed to run on Android, iOS, Chrome and Firefox. You can have a block list of sites from which you are getting diverted.

Download the Forest app

forest-techiehubs     forest-weeklyusage-techiehubs     forest-wishlist-techiehubs

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