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Loads of photos! Wondering where to store all of them safely at the same time you are able to access the photos whenever you need irrespective of the device. Your best option should be the cloud storage. In this article, we will see top 5 cloud storage medium for free of cost.

Google Photos – Unlimited storage

Google photos is one of the best photos storage service. It offers unlimited storage for photos and videos as long as your image are up to 16 MP and videos 1080 P HD, beyond that for original photos you can store up to 15 GB. Google photos are enabled with Animations, Auto Backups, Video creation and AI for grouping people and syncs with your contacts. Supports all kind of formats including PSD (Photoshop).

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Flickr – 1 TB free storage

Flickr Yahoo – almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the market right now. It offers 1 TB of storage on the cloud for all your Photos and Videos. Flickr enables a new way of arranging photos and videos in different style and allows the users to edit depends on their needs. With high security perspective, you can control who can view, comment and like your photos.

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Amazon Prime – Unlimited photo storage

Prime also offers unlimited photo storage but for videos, it offers only 5GB storage with a prime subscription. Amazon has a powerful search technique which helps you search a particular image by the objects in it and also it has unique Family vault which can be shared with 5 family members.

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ThisLife – Unlimited photo storage

ThisLife also offers unlimited photo storage and paid version for videos. It offers an easy import feature from your popular social media channels in your collections. Also, it capable of facial recognition and geo-tags.

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Photobucket – 2 Cloud + 8 GB Mobile Apps

Photobucket offers limited storage when compared to other providers but Photobucket offers services like prints (canvas & metal), posters, photo gifts and Home Decor.

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