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Draugen – Full Game Review in 2021

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Draugen : While the video game initiative is quickly growing in the nation, Nordic regions appear to be snaring with this growth. Sweden and Norway are already at the lead of developing games that are conquering the nation.

Draugen game full review

Their creators are learned for producing extremely specific games that retain a fascinating plot in it and at the similar time are relatively charming.
In this review, we will discuss about a game named Draugen, expanded in Norway. Just though the game was an important breakthrough in Norway’s game improvement still it did not completely live up to its goals.

All About Draugen Game :

Draugen is possibly one of the nicest examples of folk spectacle draped into video game setup. The barren town is creepy, but the contradiction enclosing its emptiness is what concerns you the greatly. That being said, Draugen is not what I would name a horror game. The strength and soul of the game is the main characters, their connection. A Draugen, as Norse fans exist no doubt familiar of, is an undead demon understood as an again-walker. An element of the past risen once also to attack the possession. Edward, a man that appeared to this forgotten basis of the world in rule to learn his missing sister, the young woman Lissie, and the game revolves around finding the problems of this town, and what that has to do with your sister. It is an extremely gripping exploration. The pacing helps wonders to keep you attracted, making twists and bends into perfect instants in the story to cool your research.

Full Story of the game + Game Play Review :

There are various factors that bring it stand out against the likings of Gone Home, What Remains of Edith Finch and others reduce from a same cloth. For one your friend is an active, moving symbol. Much additional agitated than Edward, Lissie will run general, interact with the nation and move throughout. Not just does this breath some being in a genre that is commonly best portrayed in stills, And with Lissie appears most of the discussion and conversations, you examine theories and recalls with her in a means that earns the character of Edward feel alive. You can recognize his goals and his wisdom.


Although Draugen game itself brings place over various calm days. This allows you certainly get to realize the town. The game will allow you a map, but by the back, you’ll feel which means you’re moving. Sometimes in the before hours, particularly if you’ve placed where you believe you’ll prove. Still, it’s so lovely you won’t care wandering through for an outcome, and you’ll almost ever find it.

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Draugen isn’t excellent, one huge aspect that avoids me from overwhelmingly approving this game is towards the finish of the story. Enjoy so many different games, Draugen messes mental condition and the extraordinary together in a path that occasionally appears as loose and thoughtless. Draugen is removed from the just game to join the two jointly, but it is a trope that we possibly don’t wish to see greatly these days.

Out of that, there isn’t that great extra to tell. With no battle captioned in the record, you won’t be opposing the troops of the Norse undead, nor will you retain to finish any operative puzzles to gain more into the story. You are rather taken on a lift, and all you can do is maintain the speed. Still, you’re soft in it. This is barely a story, after all, one that you exist saying yourself.


Draugen is lovely clear and redundant and explore and interact with the game region and conversation with Lissie. There are rare puzzles and the clams that are present are very simple. There is no opposition, only exploration. For a 3-hour adventure, still, it’s sufficient though if they’ll be behind for more adventures, I can simply hope that more variation in movements will be expanded.

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