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All About mobile games in 2021 : epic games android & ios

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Epic games android – every year the percentage of mobile gamers and mobile games increases exponentially. The first could be in rising of the smartphone revolution and it has changed the world we know. Almost around 45% of the population across the world using a smartphone. In the year 2020, the growth of the combined gaming industry has valued at 162.5 billion dollars and as per the research, the expected value is to be growing up to $295.65 billion by 2026 and that will be an outstanding achievement for mobile gaming developers.

epic games android
epic games android

Mobile Games : epic games android

Mostly for mobile gaming developers, getting people closer to their game is the first part of their success, and installing it is the largest. The mobile game developers would have taken year’s for developing a mobile game previously but now the growth in the mobile game industry is due to the developed toolsets that helped a lot to built applications very faster. There are mainly several types of mobile and desktop games in leading – sports, adventures, puzzle games, fighting games and racing games etc. Whereas google play store and apple store leading the revenue as the best platform of downloads and these are two types of variations of android apps and IOS mobile gaming apps.
World’s leading-notch mobile app development companies try to hire innovative & passionate mobile game creators and inventors to bring something fresh for those who love to play games. They constantly keep engaging themselves to enhance their mobile games app development services for intended results.

The Best mobile game development tools are :

  • Lumberyard
  • Corona SDK
  • Cryengine
  • Unity
  • Unreal engine
  • Sprite kit
  • Godot etc.

How To Create a Mobile Game :

Mostly not all the applications are the same to use. There are many types of apps to use but the most downloaded and earning a great revenue on investments are mobile games. The most important thing for creating a mobile game is having a good idea and in this way creating a successful mobile game is like creating a successful application. The best part to create a mobile game is to learn keys and tools to assist you confidently expand, launch and develop your mobile games app.

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Steps for creating a mobile game :

  • Make a successful plan
  • Select a perfect mobile gaming software
  • Read up on your programming language
  • Start your project
  • Execute the graphics and elevate your play
  • Release your game.

Mobile Tutorials:

One of the key points challenges of a mobile game or any other application is teaching out the user how to use it. Tutorials are playing a key role in mobile games and Mostly mobile game developers frequently use tutorials to teach out the game mechanics. ( epic games android )

We all hate mobile game tutorials. When we buy a game we wish directly jump into the action. Not spending time in flowcharts, techniques, moves, and menus. But we should need to know how to play the game and we should understand the rules of the game. After all, if every mobile game is the same why would we have installed the other. A good tutorial can reach a large audience.

Tips for a better tutorial :

  • Less text to be included – text can be a terrible way to deliver a tutorial
  • Don’t frontload your tutorial
  • Make the tutorial fun
  • Reinforce learning through play
  • Listen to your players

Tutorials are the most important things in your mobile games to playtest. Front-loading or adding every piece of information about the game can make the gamers get bored, start rushing through it or they can simply turn off the game.
Lastly, there are two more simply tips the tutorials must be skip-able or shouldn’t interrupt the flow of play.

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