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How To Change Facebook Page Name 2021

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How To Change Facebook Page Name in 2021 : Facebook is one of the best social media platforms for online marketing. It is now a trusted place for activities such as sales, connecting users, and advertising. Pages can help you to increase an endless number of fans and which can help you achieve your goals easily.

how to change facebook page name
how to change facebook page name 2021

Facebook can be very helpful a lot it offers your followers a very easy way to find your products, recent projects and posts, contact information and more.

What is a Facebook page

Facebook pages are especially effective for the big companies and corporate companies selling something on Facebook. Mainly page name is the best identity to the page. User identify your page by its name and mostly search according to the branding name to go directly to the page profile menu. so today we going to show you How To Change Facebook Page Name in 2021 easily.

How To Change Facebook Page Name

In this part to show you How To Change Facebook Page Name. So to request a change to your Facebook name you must be an admin. When you are in a plan for changing for Facebook page. You need to keep in mind some speculations is that you need to decide a name you feel confident about. And whereas changing a page name can affect your profile, not to mention it will confuse your followers a lot. But Facebook has relaxed their grip and in 2021 made easier to change your Facebook page name. No worries, it has been just a simple step of 2 minutes.

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Steps to change your Facebook page name :

Now, if you already have a Facebook page and you are in a plan of changing your Facebook page name either because of its branding name or any other reason, then here you are at the right place and here you can easily learn changing of your page name :

  • First open your Facebook app on your using device.
  • Next directly tap on more( a three horizontal lines option) available on the top right corner of the Facebook menu.
  • You will be seeing a page option. Tap it!
  • Now go to your page and directly tap at the green option to the top right.
  • Then tap page info>name.
  • Enter a new name for your page, and next tap to continue.
  • Next tap for request change.

Page Names Cannot Be Included With :

Facebook doesn’t ask you the reason behind the changing of your page name but the changes must be made according to the rules.
These rules are related to spelling mistakes, simple and easy rules where you can easily follow them :

  • The name cannot include phrases or terms which may be violent or abusive to someone’s right.
  • The page cannot be included in the official word in its page name title. Even If the page doesn’t belong to the organization, place, brand or public figure.
  • The page cannot contain any variation of words as Facebook.
  • Unnecessary punctuation and symbols should not be included and are not acceptable.
  • The page name must be grammatical-error-free and all the letters should not be capita, except for acronyms.

You must request changes according to the rules otherwise your request is rejected and you cannot change your page name if you don’t follow these easy rules.

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Final Words

After all, you used a lot of effort building trust in your brand. changing your page name might confuse your followers and lose your hard-earned brand quality fan-base, so it will be better to leave it as it is and focus on creating valuable content.

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