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Instagram Pc Download : post on instagram from Pc

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Instagram Pc Download Tutorial : Instagram is a famous photo-sharing social media app and one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world. There are almost very different types of ways to share and create content although in this one app. It doesn’t need any introduction as this social network is as famous as Facebook and it also helped a lot for small enterprises to make a living out of it. Unlike various social networks, however, it does not include a PC edition.

instagram pc download
instagram pc download

1 – How To Post On Instagram :

If you have been wondering how to post on your Instagram from PC or Mac, u shouldn’t be surprised that it’s not certainly obvious.
That’s because officially, there’s no means to upload pics to Instagram from your PC or laptop computer. Why? Well since the very first days of the app, Instagram has existed as a mobile experience only, because its core interest is instantly sharing pics — so restricting it to devices insured to have a camera brings about a tremendous degree of sense.
You can post on Instagram by utilizing your developer tools. First,, check out for chrome in your PC.

Follow these easy steps for Instagram pc download option :

  • Open your chrome browser directly and search as Instagram.com
  • First, safely log in to your Instagram account through Chrome web.
  • Next, right-click or tap on the paper and select “Inspect.” A fresh panel restored with code will appear on the right side of your PC screen.
  • Tap the tablet icon on the top-left of the panel.
  • Your Instagram should shift to mobile view.
  • You can connect the “+” icon on the bottom of the web to upload a photo, add a caption and post. Once you’re convinced with the post, click the “Share” button.

Luckily we have some other options to get around this obstacle and upload a post from your computer by using out some specialized tools or software.

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2 – Vivaldi :

Vivaldi offers a quick and very easy way to upload pics on Instagram by using your computer. This is a super web browser it will help you by running the mobile version of the Instagram website in a web panel.

  • Download the install, Vivaldi, then either run through the wizard to import bookmarks.
  • Create a web panel.
  • Upload to Instagram.

3 – Bluestacks App Player :

The Instagram application for Android is excellent, and you can run it on your desktop utilizing the free Android emulator Blue Stacks application Player, encouraging you to upload photos to Instagram from your computer or Mac.

  • First download blue stack.
  • Then install and launch the program on your PC.
  • Browse the Blue stack library and download Instagram easily from there.
  • After then immediately connect your Instagram there easily.

Why would you need to post on Instagram from your PC of having Instagram on your phone and a few questions arise in your mind :

  • When you are away or not the availability of a mobile phone.
  • When you have been already working on your PC.
  • When you have your pics on your computer.

4 – Third-Party Apps :

There are several other ways to post on Instagram from your computer by using out some third-party apps. But Instagram users have found various problems such as disabled accounts while using out third party apps.

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