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How to Connect PS4 Controller To Android or iOS Device

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PS4 Controller To Android — Touch controls for mobile phones are not always great. Perhaps they are poorly implemented but fortunately, you can easily play android mobile games with a controller. Mobile gaming is not extended only to passing time or about fun. It has evolved a career and a whole new industry ranking in billions of dollars every year. It is building huge chances for individual gamers, game developers, and marketers a lot.

PS4 Controller To Android
PS4 Controller To Android

You can now also easily connect a wireless controller using Bluetooth—the PS4 & PS5, Xbox One all work with Android devices effortlessly accessible. Once paired, you can cast your screen to an Android TV for the big-screen background.

1. Connect Your Phone Using Bluetooth service :

You can boost and enjoy your games with the help of a controller. If you are playing pubg or any other specialized game a controller provides more stability than actual touch controls.
You can directly connect a controller to your phone either using a blue tooth or USB cable.

Here some of the controllers works on your mobile phone easily :

  • USB controllers
  • Bluetooth controllers
  • Xbox controller
  • Ps4 and ps5 controller
  • Switch joy controller

2. Connect With a Wired USB Controller to Android :

If you want to play games on android by using a USB controller, you just needed a USB OTG cable. This special tool will help you to fit the controller in your phone easily. If you have an OTG cable just one end in your mobile phone and connect the USB controller to the other end easily. Now open the game on your device controller support should detect it in the device and then start playing the game on the controller.

3. Connect a PS4 or PS5 On Your Android Mobile :

There’s an explanation why many mainstream PC and encourage only games have given rise to their means to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store lately. PS4 Remote Play is also coming to be increasingly popularity.
If you’re somebody who enjoys gaming on both console and phones, you’ll be glad to realize that your PS4 dual shock 4 controllers can now be used to play games on your mobile devices. Mount your phone on a stance or in a Phone Mount to make it simpler to play your favorite games on the go. The major benefit is you don’t have to learn modern control configurations and you can use the default configuration of your PS4 controller.

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The best company like Sony has manipulated Bluetooth in its controllers for long years, The instructions are similar for both consoles since they both use technical Bluetooth service. which makes it simple if you like to play Android games with a PlayStation 4 or 5 gamepad easily.

Youtube video explaining The process.

Now Make your Android device discoverable, then 🔃sync the controller by carrying the PlayStation and Share buttons simultaneously. Now when the controller light just flashes, you should check out the Wireless Controller entry has recorded on your Android device.
Choose this to finalize pairing. Your mobile phone will then ask you to verify the pairing, and you’re done! A solid light on the PlayStation controller indicates that it’s connected.

Can I pair a PS4 controller to Android tablet?

yes pair a PS4 controller to any of your Android device running Android 10 or above. Just turn on the pairing mode on your PS4 controller and then turn on the bluetooth on your Android tablet mode. Next, from the schedule of detected devices, directly tap ‘wireless controller’ to connect towards the PS4 controller to Android tablet.

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